Street Art in Puerto Vallarta

The streets of Puerto Vallarta are not drab. Color is everywhere. Many houses and store fronts are painted vibrant colors and though there are many white walls in the downtown and central areas, the colonias (surrounding neighborhoods) are rich with murals and delightful graffiti. Street Art or Urban Art is defined as visual art presented outside the conventional venues, such as galleries and museums; in other words, on the street… literally. Street art brings monotonous walls and barriers to life, with images we ordinarily see indoors. Some Street Art is rogue, while many installations are actually paid for by community organizations in Puerto Vallarta; the Jalisco State Art and Culture Council supports a few installations. It’s not unusual for these artists to travel from country to country, in search of public canvases. We are very lucky in Puerto Vallarta to be blessed by many amazing individuals who have generously shared their talents with us.

Ruta 37 in Puerto Vallarta is two artists who have found a way to turn everything from sewer covers and lampposts to bus stops and fences into amazing pieces of devoted artwork. Tocayo G and Claudia Granados bring creativity out of ordinarily limited venues to share with everyone. For an indoor experience, you can see more of their work at the gallery Ambos Galeria on Calle Basilio Badillo.

Natasha Moraga, Carla Peña, Victor Salas and Alejandro Vargas combine their efforts in the name of Mosayko Vallarta. Their pieces are in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta; you will recognize them by the tedious and intricate details of tile and mosaic work. Tiled benches on Calle Francisca Rodriguez, the street that leads down to the pier on the beach at Los Muertos, are not only fabulous works of art; they are also functional, adding comfort to the weary foot traveler. A wall on Calle Pino Suarez just off of Basilio Badillo surrounds a local elementary school as it adds to the character of the area. We proudly donated tiles for this effort and Mosayko Vallarta will happily relieve patrons of any contributions they’re willing to make from leftover projects. The artist known as Adriano, whose instagram and picbear tag is tad_takano (we highly recommend scrolling those if you have accounts), has graced walls of Puerto Vallarta with incredible murals, one of which is found in the colonia Agua Azul; a three story Frida Kahlo that makes the trip worth the visit, just to treat yourself to a viewing.

In mid-November, a sidewalk chalk art competition takes place in the main plaza in front of Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral. The dedication of the chalk artists in the hot sun for hours to create magical images immerging from concrete is not to be missed. The art remains after many rainfalls.

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