The Day of Innocents

The Day of Innocents (Día de los Santos Inocentes), which is celebrated in Puerto Vallarta has a dubious origin. It’s a holiday of sorts observed by the Catholic Church in observance of the babies that were slaughtered by order of Herod in an attempt to be rid of the acclaimed child who was rumored to be a new king. Bethlehem was wiped out of every boy, newborn to toddlers the age of two; foot soldiers going from house to house, ripping children from mothers’ arms, tearing their clothes off and if they were a boy, hacking them to death. Joseph and Mary had been forewarned by an angel, however and snuck out of the city with the infant Jesus and escaped into Egypt. Something to celebrate, no?

Amazingly, this religious observance has been turned around and become a holiday of a different sort. As we celebrate April Fool’s Day in the north, this is a day for jokes and tricks to be played. A great way to turn a negative into a positive. Since the babies who were lost in the massacre were considered the first real Christian martyrs, this day is for them and it’s meant to be celebrated with smiles, giggles and laughter.

In Puerto Vallarta, on December 28th when you pick up a local paper and see astonishing headlines, like the new pier is being torn down and replaced; or a railroad has been approved to be built with a main station on the Malecón; President Obama has decided to move his family to Mexico and chosen Puerto Vallarta as his new home, the American School for his youngest daughter to matriculate; these are the types of stories that start hilarious rumors and get people all wound up. Newcomers to Puerto Vallarta in the past years have been very upset to learn that 1000 more buses have been added to the system, starting January 1 of the following year but that bus service will now be free. With the news that Puerto Vallarta would be hosting a future Super Bowl, there were yays and nays. One of the biggest stirs was an article about the elimination of the tunnels that take us from one side of town to the other, avoiding the traffic down the Malecón. These pieces are written by and quote people with names like  Mentiroso Flagrante, which means Big Liar in Spanish but one has to be astute to catch the funky details.

So watch out on December 28 in Puerto Vallarta and be careful of everything you hear. It could be a big joke is being played on you!

Que es cómo es.

Thanks to our guest blogger Adam Garcia (opinions expressed are his own)

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