Doggy Due Diligence

There have always been strict requirements when crossing the border with pets. This is nothing new in Puerto Vallarta. They have not always been enforced to the extent we might expect, but the regulations have always existed. It is up to us, as pet owners, to find out what those policies are. Naturally, many of us want to get this information from our vet but the test of time has shown us that veterinarians aren’t any more informed than their clients. To find out what you need to bring Fido and Fifi into or out of the country, it’s necessary to go to the source. These requirements are subject to change, so we can’t tell you exactly what you will need but we can give you a general idea.

Recently at the Puerto Vallarta airport, travelers have been stopped for not having proper papers. We’ve discovered that some changes took place in January of 2017. For those who go back and forth, they must take responsibility to inform themselves without being complacent, expecting consistency in these laws. There’s good reason for this; sometimes animals are affected by viruses or pests and need extra protection. If a veterinarian is called to Customs to check the animal and sign off, there will be a charge and it won’t be cheap. Consider this doctor has to interrupt their day and make a special trip, which costs them in time, as well as money.

Our best recommendation is to call the airline you are flying with and ask what you will be required to have for your dog or cat, flying to Puerto Vallarta. Keep in mind, ports of entry can have different rules. For example, if you are flying to Cancun, there may be variations on what paperwork you need. Get proper documentation from your vet on either side of the border, and when traveling to Puerto Vallarta, ask if your vet has forms in Spanish. Some clinics will be able to accommodate your request and you won’t know unless you ask. Veterinarians in the US and Canada often have documents in Spanish, Mandarin and other languages. People have been traveling with pets for many years. It’s nothing new.

Don’t argue. If you get stopped by Customs, and asked for papers for Fritz or Mimi, answer questions the best of your knowledge and SMILE; it’s contagious.

Que es cómo es.

Thanks to our guest blogger Adam Garcia (opinions expressed are his own)

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